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  • 20 May 2011
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QuickBooks Hosting provides a means for businesses to have centralized access to their QuickBooks data, third party apps, and productivity software, without the large upfront costs and security risks of managing an in-house business network. Businesses and workgroups face daily challenges in making QuickBooks data available to staff, contractors, and partners. And in many cases, these users need to have access from a variety of locations and devices. Our online solution addresses these challenges and is cost-effective and easy to use.

How it Works
  • Once you subscribe to the service, your apps and data are managed in a secure datacenter.
  • Each business user will have login access to a Virtual Desktop in order to use these apps and access business data and files.
  • Use the software just as you normally would, so there is no data conversion or staff retraining needed.
  • Login easily from anywhere via an Internet connection.

    It's a real Windows desktop, so it's already familiar.

  • Login anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection using a PC, laptop computer, Mac desktop, or iPad.
  • Different access levels can be defined for each of your business users so that the security of your data is maintained.
  • Continuous virus scanning and regular, nightly backups of data is performed in the datacenter.
  • You pay a predictable monthly fee, which covers all of the above and 24x7 technical support.

QuickBooks Hosting can help you extend your business infrastructure at significant cost-savings and vastly improve productivity. And as your business grows, the service can scale to meet your changing needs. To learn more, visit our QuickBooks Hosting solution page or contact us for a demo today.

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