Excel Quick Tip: Join cells with concatenate function

Manipulating data in Excel does not have to be tedious and there are a variety of functions and tools at your disposal to help you crunch a lot of data within a few keystrokes. One such tool is Excel's CONCATENATE function, which allows you to join data from multiple cells into one.

The basic formula is as follows:

=CONCATENATE(cell1," ",cell2," ",cell3...)

Let's take a look at this function in practice and manipulate a contact list. In the example shown below, we are joining first and last name to display the full name for the contact. Spaces are denoted by " ". Note: Any text or character appearing between two quotation marks will display as is.

Here's another example joining the zip code cells to display zip code +4.

From here, all you need to do is copy your formula straight down the column to update your entire contact list. To convert the formulas in these columns to actual values, just copy and paste as values over the formula. Happy crunching!

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