Featured Project: Automated Bill Management Solution for a Professional Services Firm

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  • 09 February 2011
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The client needed a bill management application that would streamline their processes.  In particular they wanted: 

  • Multiple approval levels for entry, review, payment, etc. to improve cash controls
  • Simplified bill input, review, approval, and payment processes to reduce wasted time
  • Ability to manage and search for bill copies online versus filing hard copies
  • Full integration with QuickBooks
Application Selection - We worked with the Client to determine the ideal process for managing and paying bills that would work best for their specific situation. Taking all requirements into consideration, we evaluated and selected a cost-effective bill management solution that we could tailor to their specific needs.Application Setup - Once the app was selected, we helped the client acquire the necessary licenses at a discounted rate.  Then we installed the integration engine, configured the app, and synced up the data with QuickBooks. 

Training & Support - Once implementation was completed, we provided hands on training to staff, management, and their bookkeeper on how to use the app, and then outlined the overall workflow including roles/responsibilities.

We exceeded our Client's expectations beyond what they had originally imagined and now they have a streamlined and consistent method for managing and paying their bills. Here are some of the immediate and positive effects on their business. 

  • Their staff spends 80% less time on bill management tasks which allows them to focus on higher priority tasks.
  • They decreased their direct processing costs drastically by almost 50% using paperless and electronic payment features.
  • They no longer keep a filing cabinet or storage boxes for bill copies and other vendor documentation, since everything is available on demand in a secure environment.
  • They have very effective cash controls since they're able to assign roles and approval levels to each person involved in the process.

If  you or someone you know needs help in streamlining bill management processes, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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