Customized Reporting Solution for Addiction Treatment Center

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  • 05 January 2011
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An established, not-for-profit addiction treatment center, with multiple locations in Iowa, hired us to help them switch from Microsoft Small Business Manager to Intuit QuickBooks.

The client needed a more user friendly accounting application, but one that would also provide them with more robust reporting capabilities than the standard reporting features in QuickBooks.


Needs Analysis - Performed a Needs Analysis to determine the Client's application and reporting requirements, which helped us select the most appropriate version of QuickBooks and decide whether any 3rd Party applications would be necessary, and if so which one(s).  We also determined the ideal reporting structure and other elements critical to the conversion process.

Application Setup - Selected, purchased, installed, deployed, and configured the following software applications:

  • QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition
  • Intuit Statement Writer

List Import - Scrubbed the exported vendor listing and imported it into the newly configured QuickBooks data file. Since the Client uses an unrelated app for patient/program invoicing, there was no need to import a customer list. We also Imported the new Chart of Accounts.  See below.

Chart of Accounts Redesign - Redesigned the Chart of Accounts so that we could ultimately generate useful, customized financial reports outside of QuickBooks' canned report options.  We did not use QuickBooks "Classes", as this would have created more work for the client, and would have led to inaccuracies.  Instead, we setup new accounts based on the format below:


  • DDD (Department) - Programs, Services & Locations
  • CCCC (Category) - Revenue, Expense, Asset, Liability, Equity

For Example, account number 3005101 is the account for Contractor Services related to the Inpatient Alcholism Treatment Program, where 300 is the Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment program and 5101 is the Contractor Services expense category.  Contractor Services could also be used for any of the other Programs, Services & Locations such as 100, 200, 400, etc.

Report Templates Setup - In Intuit Statement Writer, we setup and configured various report templates based on the new account format so that the client can easily combine and isolate specific or groups of programs/locations/categories within the Profit & Loss Statement.

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